3 Blog Recommendations


This blog focus on at risk students and shows off the creator, Brian Crosby’s personal style. He focuses on the fact that education can be a messy process at times and proves that sometimes it really is okay to be messy and there is a way to learn that way. I would recommend this blog because I feel like some educators can be afraid of straying from the oath and letting things get a little messy and everyone can use a little bit of a reminder from time to time. This link is one that I find particularly helpful and really stay close to the point of the blog. http://www.learningismessy.com/change/never-assume-your-students-know-how-to-work-together-on-a-project/


The second blog I recommend actually belongs to a girl I went to high school and did cheerleading with. She started and blog a while ago and isn’t always active but I really liked her style. Her blog focuses on her and her life, and she uses it as an outlet which I think everybody needs at least one of. The blog is super organized and is very easy to read and follow. I personally enjoy reading small burst of emotion, because it remind us we are all humans and have real feelings that others can relate to. Her most recent post is my personal favorite of hers. https://teentrials.weebly.com/blogs–such.html



As I mentioned earlier I love burst of emotion and what better way to express that than POETRY! If you like poetry, I promise you would love this blog. He also has short stories and fables on this blog as well which I also appreciate. The blog is well put together and organized. These are longer poems, but are definitely worth the read if that’s where your interests lie. This is one of my favorite pieces from his blog.https://poemshape.wordpress.com/2009/02/02/the-seven-tales-of-the-india-traders-the-third-day/

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